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How to bring your historic motorcycle to Latvia...

By Road: Recent years have seen a great improvement in the overland route through Germany, Poland and Lithuania.

By Sea: There are several ferries operating to Latvia's sea ports of Riga, Liepaja and Ventspils. These include:

1. Rostock (Germany) - Liepaja (if coming from GB this is the closest to the Harwich - Esbjerg (Denmark) ferry)
2. Karlshamm (Sweden) - Klaipeda, (Lithuania). (If coming from GB this is the closest to the Newcastle -      Goteborg (Sweden) ferry. From Klaipeda to Riga you have to  drive 300 km.
3. Rostock (Germany) - Ventspils (Latvia)
4. Stockholm - Riga
5. Stockholm - Tallinn (Estonia)
6. Helsinki - Tallinn

If driving overland it is 310 km from Tallinn to Riga; 215 km from Liepaja to Riga; and 185 km from Ventspils to Riga. Please note that  for the 2013 FIVA World Motorcycle rally you can cut your travelling distance if you  ommit going to Riga and ride to the 1st overnight hotel at Apsuciems, then the distances  to Apsuciems will be as follows: from Klaipeda (Lithuania) 260 km, from  Ventspils (Latvia) 130 km and from Liepaja (Latvia) 185 km.

The following webpages may be of interest when planning your journey

There may be other routes opened recently so we advise that you check with a travel agent or write, telephone or email to:

The Latvia Tourism Bureau
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